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Remember when I drew Grimes and Andrew?

"Oblivion" and "Kittens" by Juliana Fernandez Acosta on Redbubble.

Psychedelic doesn’t necessarily have to involve drugs, i think drugs are a shortcut for realising things you could probably realise on your own


MGMT at Afisha Picnic, 7/19/14.

  Anonymous:i just wanted to make it a known fact that 99% of the information in that mgmt interview that vanessa grigoriadis did is pretty much false so you shouldn't believe everything you read!!

not that i’m denying it at all, but how do you know? like it seems to check out with a lot of things they’ve said and she also referenced simon o’connor


life motto: marry a rockstar or don’t get married at all

Will Berman in K. Leimer’s music video for “Lonely Boy”



MGMT in 2008 vs. 2013
Photos by Randy Cremean and Emma Swann




Andrew and Ben DJing in Russia, 7/20/14


Andrew DJing in Russia, 7/20/14

feels meme
Arctic Monkeys